Cherie Rain (Karine Catenacci) is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, multi-genre composer/arranger, currently residing in Queens, NY. Her new instrumental album "Heavy Mellow" is a minimalistic approach of her deepest passion: to play the piano.

2019, while preparing for the birth of her first child, she immersed herself in her music, entirely producing her own records, mixing and mastering each piece to be released on the instrumental album and her following solo album, "The Sum of all Tears".

She started off 2017 with a performance at the legendary Cotton Club to mark her official debut as Cherie Rain, a moniker that embodies the artist within. While she has been playing music since the young age of 6, it has taken her some time to find her voice as a solo artist, especially one not singing in her native language. 


Her decision to live in the

culturally-diverse capital of the world was a no-brainer. Cherie (meaning “beloved,” the same as Karine) prides herself with a passion for playing anything from metal to blues to classical.

“I immerse myself in anything where I find true passion and the freedom to create.” 


The artist who is most often compared to Portishead, Evanescence's Amy Lee, and Tori Amos has graced the stage of the Gramercy Theater and Webster Hall, and has opened for Killswitch Engage at NY’s Santos Party House. 


By 12 years old, the gifted musician was teaching other students, some of whom were many years her senior. She honed her songwriting skills throughout high school and later began arranging music for other performers. 


After meeting her husband, Christopher Catenacci, well known rapper

Mr. Hyde (Psycho+Logical- Records), on the music scene in NYC, she not only found love and a collaborator in music, but a support system to help her journey into sobriety. They married in 2009 and are currently working on an EP to be released next year as musical duo Bonnie & Hyde


“It was the rainstorms in my life that promoted my growth and depth of character, allowing me to cherish my hardships for the lessons it taught me and the person it made me.“ It’s no coincidence that these “rainstorms” inspired her stage name. 


She has collaborated with many bands throughout the years, including Eye Ra Haze, a band who released an EP, Quiet Storm, in 2013 with famed punk/metal producer/engineer Zeuss (Rob Zombie, Hatebreed, Agnostic Front, Suicide Silence), but later splintered off into Meridiem, an experimental progressive metal band, who released their first EP, Odysseia, in 2015 and their second EP Oramata in 2018. 2018 was filled with collaborations and live performances. She sang a reggae interlude on Madball's new album ''For the Cause'', which became the intro to their live shows. She also joined The Lordz of Brooklyn on the keyboard for their live performance at the Vans Warped Tour and ended the year 2018 opening for Necro and Ill Bill at the Kingsland in Brooklyn with a piano medley paying tribute to some of Necro's most famous songs.

Cherie is not fulfilled unless her plate is filled with projects that speak to the various ways she chooses to express herself. 


With a multitude of projects on the horizon and a growing community who see their reflection in Cherie Rain’s expression of her own pain and triumphs, you can rest assured this storm isn’t slowing down anytime soon.