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Beyond this project, I have so many people to thank for the differences they've made in my life...


Chris catenacci. love of my life. I am forever grateful for your everlasting love and support. you are a constant example of true confidence and authenticity. you are my unwavering pillar of strength, my everything. you never cease to amaze me with your all-around greatness!


Maman, papa, Jean, Mes Grand-Mamans, ma famille... je vous aime infiniment. vous etes l'essence de mon existence!


Arlene. thank you for loving me like your own daughter and always making me feel like the best. you are the best! and I love you!


necro. your hardwork and independence, that kick-the-door-down attitude you have, your highest standard for quality, your undeniable talent and dedication to your craft, all have been an inspiration to me throughout the years. always reaching for your greatest potential and never watering yourself down to please the masses. much love and respect.


gina. my oldest friend. we have a bond that can never be broken. noone knows better than you where i come from and what i have been through, vice versa. we may not speak often but it can never diminish our love and connection.

stephanie allard. you remained the same person throughout the years... thank you for taking me in your home when i had nowhere to go, you literally fed me, clothe me, bought me glasses so i could see! picked me up from hell and cheered me up like a champ! you have showed me unequivocal kindness and compassion over and over. i will never forget all that you have done for me. you are most cherished.


audrey garant. when i first met you, you already felt like family to me. you have seen me in bad circumstances and you never judged me or strayed away from me. instead you always were a devoted friend and confidant. you even were my sugar mama when i was broke and you never expected anything in return! true friendship is rare and ours is set in stone. Je t'aime ma noire!


Dakota. My sister from another mother. you taught me to stand up for myself the new york way! you also taught me to never settle for less than i deserve. thank you for believing in me when i didn't believe in myself. we were meant to meet again in this life because our souls have been acquainted for milleniums. no matter what life throws at us we will always have eachother. that's our true riches. 


nicole papastavrou. you are the toughest chick I know! one of a kind, inspiring human being. sweet, thoughtful and fearless. your courage and dedication to your passions are admirable. You are a blessing to me in so many ways. i am so lucky to have a friend like you to create music with and share so much... struggles and laughters alike!


natasha nicholson. my native queen, thank you for the magic, the insights and the wisdom you share with me. For always making me feel beautiful, always elevating my spirit by recognizing my qualities and reminding me of my own special powers. we both share the curse of being oversensitive hopeless romantics but it is also our blessing, to be raw and passionate, it will always transcend in our art.

sara abraham. you are a true class act. you have been supportive and so giving since i have known you. thank you for always keeping it real and for being a good, dependable and protective friend to me!


Kevin corcoran and chris marone. boys, it is so humbling working with individuals as talented as you. you always spark new inspirations and approach to each musical compositions... you have thought me so much already, i am so proud to work with you 2. 


multiple blastoff. you and steph over the past few years became like family to us. you are both down-to-earth, goodhearted and reliable people i can always count on. that kind of friendship is priceless, i value it as such. albert, thank you for helping shape my visions throughout the process of this album.


Ray balconis. thank you for prying confidence out of me and allowing me to connect with my deepest emotions while recording my vocals. best booth-coaching ever!

don capria. my fellow pisces. you have given me opportunities to explore other dimensions of my artistry. by pushing my abilities, you helped expand my creativity and affected positive changes in the way i approach songs and sounds. for always believing in me as your secret weapon, thank you for your love and support. i reciprocate that.

lord ezec. thank you for believing in my talent for it brought me to be part of eye ra haze. i am so thankful for the experience it gave me. it helped me grow so much as a musician and you made that happen for me. thank you. 

Lanilee. thank you for capturing beautiful portraits, for always making me feel comfortable in front of the camera. thank you for letting me be one of your subjects and allowing me to use your image to create "the haunted house" single cover!


Big k.o. thanks for reaching out and allowing our collaboration. thanks for the dreamy guitars on the song 

hungry-like, can't wait to reveal it to the listeners! you provoked new revelations. your style influences me. that is the kind of motivation that keeps me hungry.


Leigh stuart. you contributed greatly to the vision i had for these songs by lacing them with your beautiful cello melodies. thank you!



i am forgetting many for sure but thanks to all my friends and family, fans, haters, anyone motivating me to become a better version of myself.


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